BSB - Forensic Accounting

Forensics Accounting Course

The Forensic Accounting Course is compulsory for barristers, either during pupillage or within the first 3 years of practice.

This blended online programme will provide new practitioners with practical guidance in the use of financial information and accounts both corporate and individual. The world of forensic accounting will be explored by an experienced forensic accountant (who is also a practising barrister) giving, amongst other things, tools to analyse financial statements and ideas and tips to help cross examine an accounting expert..

One of our barristers who has completed the course in the new online format provided said

"The online course was perfect because you can take things at your own pace and pause to revisit or replay where necessary. I found this meant that I learned twice the amount during the online course. Given that my practice concerns healthcare regulation, I doubt I will use too much of the content, however, it was fascinating to dip into a new area.

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