Machine Learning & The Future of Business


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One of the latest trends in major disruptive technologies has begun to materialise, and is the most talked about change since Big Data in the digital landscape.

The arrival of automation brings many positives, and possibly many negatives, such as: military use; rapid disruptive changes in the job market; and new ways of working.

More will change in the way we work in the next 2 decades than in the last 200 years...

To make sure that the collective choices that will be made about AI in the near future will be for the benefit of all, every citizen should take an active role in helping to define how AI will shape our future.


This informative session will benefit finance professionals, accountants, recruiters, auditors, legal professionals, and anyone involved in strategy. Project managers and change managers would also benefit from an understanding of how businesses need to adapt.

SRA competences (if applicable)

A, D

Course outline

  • Identify what we need to do to adapt and evolve our business with case studies and real life examples
  • Discover predictive costs for digitising a business
  • Gain knowledge around how to start building a proper strategy to prepare for changes in the near future
  • Topics covered;

  • The wide-ranging effect of automation: structured tasks and the roles of accountants, telemarketers, delivery drivers, and many customer service functions.
  • Financial Services | Accounting | Banking
    • Where is the sector heading? | What should we do now to prepare?
      Discussion and analysis
  • Legal Sector
    • Where is the sector heading? | Legal Tech: What should we do now to prepare?
      Developing a legal framework around AI | potential issues
      What are the competitors doing in this sector?
      Pressure from the new 24/7 culture
  • Focus points: potential issues around data and how we use it
    • Issues around ethics and bias
      The Blockchain effect under GDPR
  • Further business topics
    • Key drivers and costs to digitise a business
      Strategy: tips and guidance on building a technology strategy
      The 2020s: impact on job market and further analysis
  • Bonus topics:
    • Special projects underway
      Free take-away: in-depth analysis by research firms
      Homework topics for further study

    All material used on the course will be available to take away.

    Course Dates

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    London 15 Nov 2019 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM  Spaces Book Now

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